Meet Dr. Dunbar

William J. Dunbar, DDS

I believe that dentistry should always be provided in a professional, courteous, and caring atmosphere. My motivation centers on how I can best provide you with high-quality oral care. In other words, I'm in this business to not only produce beautiful smiles but also to positively affect your life. I am especially sensitive to patients who are in pain. I chose to be a dentist after I was saved by a phenomenal dentist from my own abscessed tooth. I strive in every way to provide service that takes away pain and provides you with a smile so bright and healthy it will boost your confidence.

Education and Continuing Education

I received my undergraduate degree at the University of Wisconsin, Eau Claire and my Doctorate of Dental Surgery from Marquette University in Milwaukee, WI. Collaboration with other professionals through classes, development meetings, and organizations keeps me current with the latest trends in dentistry. I especially value my continuing education in endodontics, orthodontics, prosthodontics, and cosmetic dentistry. I have also taken courses concerning laser dentistry and other newer technologies like Invisalign® and digital radiography.  In 2014, I attended Dental Implant Continuing Education at the Misch Institute in Florida and I was awarded Fellowship in the International Congress of Oral Implantologists.  In April of 2015, I attended The Oregon Health and Science University for the Certification of IV Sedation.  Further, by holding membership in the American Dental Association, I have been able to keep important lines of communication with my peers open.

Your Comfort Zone is My Comfort Zone

Your dental care should give you relief. Oral aches can be some of the harshest pains you experience and knowing this, we in the dental field have a duty to provide you with treatments that do not add to that discomfort. To me, the process to a beautiful smile is as important as the destination. I use only the newest and most proven technologies and techniques that enable me to achieve my high standards for patient care.

The care I have for my patients goes beyond the services I provide. Giving you a great smile is as important to me as it is to you, and I truly value each relationship I build with my patients. I am always happy to see you and available to offer advice in relation to any troubles you have. I admit that I may not always have the answers, but I promise that you will always find me a ready listener. I will take time to hear you out, console you, and find someone who can answer your concern. If you aren't comfortable, then neither am I.

Since being Certified in IV Sedation, you can "Calm your Fears" and have your dental work completed using Conscious Moderate Sedation - the "Safe Way of doing Sedation".


In the Community

I am a strong believer in giving back to the community. I am active in numerous community projects for schools, coaching for recreational organizations, and my church. To me, the strength and foundation of any good community is begins with its schools. That's why I make it a priority to help better equip schools to provide for our children's education and offer better activities that go towards positive community growth.

Outside the Office

I have been a happy resident of Glencoe, MN, for almost a quarter of a century with my wife. It has been a pleasure to take up root amongst such hard-working, community-minded people. We have both chosen occupations that allow us to be involved in bettering the health of our community. She is a cardiac rehab nurse. We are proud parents of 3 sons.  I am a big fan of baseball, as I have played most my life and have been coaching for 15 years now. I am also active outdoors by hunting, fishing, biking, skiing, and traveling. I love rooting for the GSL Panther sports and attending my Bible studies.

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